Unique Problem in Formatting Hard Drive

Microsoft Windows XP

I have read all the posts for formatting the hard drive for XP. I have
loaded the CD and have gone through the instructions just like others have
suggested, however, the process will not allow me to delete the partition
because it says it, "contains temp files that are required to complete
installation". This is not allowing me to remove the partition, so I can
reload XP and start from scratch. The partition obligates my whole hard
drive, so I am unable to add a new partition. Additionally, I tried to
format C: using the repair menu and DOS prompt without success. Please help?!
If you are savvy enough to create a DOS bootable floppy disk, you can
use delpart. Copy it to the floppy, boot off it, and run delpart.exe.
Just BE CAREFUL - this will definitely whack all your data. I usually
make sure that I disconnect other drives when I use it so as not to
wipe the wrong drive.


Good luck.