Two Versions of Win XP Home on same drive

Microsoft Windows XP

I had problems with booting Windows XP Home SP 2 on my C: Drive. I tried to
repair it and then reinstalled it.

To make a long story short I now have my original WIN XP installation
(working correctly) with all files etc. and another version of Windows XP
(in it's own system folder).

What's the easiest way to get ride of the new Win XP installallation. It's
not availble for removal in the Control Panel Add/Remove progs?


Hi Tony

Please see if the following article by Michael Stevens helps:

"I have two installations of XP on the same partition, how do I remove the
one I don't need?"
Thanks Will.
Worked like a charm. I've modified the boot.ini in the past, but forgot.
I'll keep a copy of the article and this message. Tony
You're welcome Tony. Glad your problem is solved.