Microsoft Windows XP

I am using the browser "Slimbrowser". The toolbar had always been on the
bottom of the screen. Now it is at the top. I went into options and
selected the toolbar position to be at the bottom, but that doesn't make any
difference. Does anyone know how to make it stay at the bottom.
Thank you.
Do you mean the "Tab bar" has moved to the top? Changing mine from top
to bottom appears to work fine. You might see if you have the toolbars
locked. View / Toolbars / Lock toolbars. With my layout, locking the
toolbars causes problems, but if it's checked, it might be your
I am so sorry I left out the important part. It is the roboform toolbar
that I want at the bottom of the screen. I did try unlocking the toolbars
and then moving it, but it still didn't work.
I was able to figure it out - sure doesn't follow any kind of sense or their
tips on how to move it. It was just trial and error.
Thanks for your help though.