Original computer

Microsoft Windows XP

I am thinking about restoring everything and starting from scratch. What do
I need to be careful of, be sure I have on hand, etc...??? Am weary of this,
but am tired of problems.
Veronica, if you plan on formatting the drive and performing a clean
install of WinXP then make sure you have the
Drivers for your Video and Sound Cards and Devices such as Printer,
Scanner etc. Depending on how old your computer is the software and drivers
on the CD that came with the computer maybe out of date. If you have
Broadband Internet you
will need the drivers for the Network Card. Go to Michael's site. he has
it all spelled out.

The eldergeek has a great graphic display of what the screens will look
like during a Clean Install.

Post back here if you need further help. There are many Experts here that
will be glad to assist you.