NTLDR and restore URGENT!!

Microsoft Windows XP

I am getting the NTLDR message as well and when I purchased by CP, XP had
been loaded and no disk was included. So If I go back to where I purchased
the CPU, do the HAVE to provide me with disc??? Also, I do have a set of
restore discs...can I use those to rectify the problem???
If they gave you a System Recovery disk or disks then that is all they
are obligated to provide.

Using those disks will normally wipe out everything on your hard drive
and install a fresh clean copy of Windows, exactly as it was when the
computer left the factory.

f your computer has a System Recovery disk or partition for
Windows XP rather than a full installation CD you need to go to
http://support.microsoft.com?kbid=310994 and download the boot
diskette images for your specific version of Windows XP. Create these
diskettes and boot the computer with them. When it stops at the A:\>
prompt enter the following commands:

COPY ntldr c:\
COPY ntdetect.com c:\

Make sure you have removed the last diskette from computer and then
enter EXIT to quit Recovery Console and reboot the computer.

Good luck

Ron Martell Duncan B.C. Canada